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I help the third sector achieve success in their website projects

Justin Seals

About me

I have 9+ years of experience leading successful website projects, translating complicated missions into clear goals and operating plans. I am passionate about working in the third sector and have a background in web development, web UI/UX, strategic digital planning and technical project management. I’ve run digital teams, managed hundreds of web projects, and worked with many agencies and developers, while keeping all projects on time, on budget and to a superb quality. My clients have called me a technical wizard.

Service Overview:

  • Translating your website project into a TOR
  • Increase the quality of the end product and speed of delivery
  • Technical advice at every stage of the project
  • Liaise with developers/agencies
  • Project management
  • Testing and delivery

Why organisations work with me...

Technical Expertise

Have you received funding to develop a web project, but don’t have the in-house expertise or capacity to manage its development? I can complement the skills of your comms and research teams.


Are you struggling to translate your research or policy goals into a usable website? I can help you translate them into a great website that users will find easy to navigate and understand.

Time, Budget & Quality

Have you been burned by previous projects going off track? I will take on the pressure to make sure that your project meets deadlines, stays on budget and achieves all the right goals.


What My Clients Say

“Justin sees the web universe in high resolution. I’ve been fortunate to work with Justin on the project. Justin helped to design this interactive platform from scratch and to keep enhancing it as our needs changed. For each of the client’s asks, Justin sees multiple solutions, but he also clearly articulates which one is the best, and why. He also translates the client’s requests into TOR for web developers, making communications and delivery superefficient. Justin is always punctual, responsive and it’s a great pleasure to work with him. Thanks to Justin’s vision and the stellar work of Serious Otters, the web developers, has been mounted in no time and in an elegant and efficient way, attracting users from all over the world.”
Ivetta Gerasimchuk - International Institute for Sustainable Development

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